Hey y'all! I'm Emily, the heart behind the lens of Emily Ann Photography. I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based in Washington, DC. During the day, I work full time in Program Management, and in my free time, I pursue my passion for photography. I was born and raised in a small town on the water and recently relocated to the "big city", where I learned some people look at you funny when you say "y'all".  I'm a dog Mom to a 12 year old black lab named Tyson, who's the sweetest guy ever. When I'm not working, or behind the lens, you can probably find me at Chick Fil A or checking out some of my favorite stores. When it's cold out, I'll probably be snuggled up on the couch, watching a good movie. When it's warm out, I'll probably be lounging at the pool, dreaming of ocean waves and salty air. 

How'd someone with an Accounting Degree end up in photography? In college, I was the one who always had a camera and tons of Facebook albums to document every sorority event. I believe that you can never have too many photographs.  Photography allows you to capture those special moments and remember the little things, no matter how much time has passed. That's what I love most about photographs, it's like time stops. Just looking at them will take you back to that place. 

I believe in capturing those moments that last a lifetime and that every story deserves to be captured. Every photograph tells a story and I can't wait to chat about yours! 

meet emily

1.  Chick Fil A - I could eat it everyday. 
2. Christmas - some people might say I'm a bit much when it comes to the holidays, but I grew up in a house that would get transformed into what felt like the North Pole every year. It just makes my heart so happy! 
3. Anything navy blue and white, those colors just belong together.
4. Sweets and red wine.
5. Big statement necklaces.
6. Shopping - I just wish I had a bigger closet.
7. Fresh cut flowers - you can always find them in my home. 
8. Traveling and exploring new places. 
9. The beach - I have quite a collection of shells to prove that it's my favorite place! 
10. Decorating - I love refinished furniture and all of those little touches that make a house a home.

A few of my favorite things: 

Meet Emily


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